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The importance of high quality life leads

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The importance of high quality life leads

Not all life insurance leads are created equal.  If you are looking to grow and develop your life insurance business, then one of the most effective ways is to seek new leads.  There are lots of brokers out there who will promise to change your fortunes with their contacts, but how many of these will be able to live up to the quality that you would expect?

Before purchasing life insurance leads from a lead supplier, there are some questions you’ll need to ask them:


One of the worst things that can happen when contacting a lead is to find out they’ve already been called by a competitor.  They may have already made a purchase or they are just fed up of being called by other businesses.   The chances of a sale are much lower and you may even be seen as a nuisance, losing all level of trust with the potential client.

Your lead provider must be able to offer you exclusive leads – the chances of a sale are much higher if you are the only person that the client is speaking to, or at the very least, the first. 

Lead generation

Do you know where the leads have been generated from? 

Leads should be generated via a clear, explicit journey.  Many suppliers will provide contacts from generic survey data which in some cases the individual may not even remember completing, meaning conversions become much more difficult.


Does the lead data comply with the latest data protection rules?  Businesses can’t afford to run risks with GDPR as fines for non-compliance can run into millions of pounds. 

Ensure that your lead provider is GDPR compliant and that all leads have given permission for you to contact them.

How to find high quality life leads?

Simply Online Leads gives you access to high quality leads – people that are specifically looking for life insurance in real time.  These leads have been generated from web enquiries, PPC and Google Adsense campaigns – all verified to be searching for your specific product.  

These live, verified enquiries are passed over to you in real time allowing you to contact them whilst the enquiry is still warm, giving you the best opportunity for conversion. 

All leads are completely fresh and exclusive – Simply Online Leads will only ever pass on a lead once, enabling you to build up trust with the potential client. 

Purchasing high quality leads from Simply Online Leads is a safe, effective and trusted way to grow your business, with only relevant, verified contacts. 

For more information on purchasing quality life leads, speak to our team today. 

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