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Why you should be looking to attract FTBs to your business

First time buyers provide a huge section of the mortgage market, however brokers don’t always actively pursue them in the way that they do with other leads. First time buyers are often the most motivated within the market, ready to put in the effort to secure their place on the property ladder so the chance…
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Top tips: Paying Lowest CPL

Lead generation can be an ever changing industry, but getting the highest ROI by paying lowest rates is paramount. At So Leads we work closely with our broker base to ensure good quality and volume of leads. Here are our top tips to maximise your account to get good leads at the best price! 1.…
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Top tips for converting mortgage leads

Dial with a smile, convert more We all know that responding to a customer’s request for advice should be dealt with promptly and professionally. What else can we do as salespeople to ensure that we convert our leads? We all need customers who come back to us time and time again for advice? We spoke…
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Top tips for lowering your lead cost

Lower costs better ROI Getting the highest ROI (return on inverstment) is key to all our partners, so how do you lower the cost of the leads? We work closely with partners to ensure that you are not just receiving the right quality and volume of leads. Better still they are getting all this at…
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Top tips on selling income protection

How to improve conversions for Income protection Most adults in the UK that work would benefit from having income protection. However it is one of the least popular of insurances taken out, so why is this? Customer see the product as “not good value”, why mainly because it is not understood. So the great news…
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