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Top tips: Paying Lowest CPL

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Top tips: Paying Lowest CPL

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Lead generation can be an ever changing industry, but getting the highest ROI by paying lowest rates is paramount. At So Leads we work closely with our broker base to ensure good quality and volume of leads. Here are our top tips to maximise your account to get good leads at the best price!

1. Increase your products

Bidding on more than one lead type will mean you can speak to more customers and convert more sales. Customers are making enquiries in real-time with So Leads – so don’t wait for a specific mortgage enquiry to be made.

2. Extend your timers

Our system runs 24/7 – don’t tie yourself down to office hours, many customers are making enquiries when they’re home from work, some work night shifts, or weekends. Purchasing leads in an evening when other brokers have switched off for the night could mean paying lowest lead prices and better volumes.

3. Cover more ground

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to postcode coverage. You can pick up a better volume of leads, always at a cheaper price if you buy nationally. A local postcode will limit you in terms of volume and cost per lead. We always recommend you switch on nationally, you can still set a daily cap – even just one a day – if you’re willing to work national leads over the phone, your chances of a lower cpl are more likely.

4. Consider weekends

You can get cheaper leads on weekends as there’s less competition. Lots of customers will be using weekends and their spare time to do errands, more likely to be sitting comfortably with the time to take your call. Also, it’s likely customers will be easier to contact on a weekend due to having more free time.

5. Up your bid price

Lead generation is a live market, so prices fluctuate with supply and competition. If you want your leads first you need to be paying the best prices to hit your daily capacity before the rest. We give all our brokers our recommended price, to ensure you have the best chance of getting the exact leads required. You can amend your bid price at anytime – speak to an account manager to help you with this.

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