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Top tips for lowering your lead cost

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Top tips for lowering your lead cost

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Getting the highest ROI (return on inverstment) is key to all our partners, so how do you lower the cost of the leads?

We work closely with partners to ensure that you are not just receiving the right quality and volume of leads. Better still they are getting all this at the right price.

Here we look at a few tricks that could help you to get the same great quality leads but at an even cheaper rates!

1) Increase your bid times, reducing the cost.

Have you got your bidding hours set to just your core office hours or do you leave your account running 24/7? Many of our partners find that the leads they purchase in the evenings will be at a lower cost. This is because buying demand is lower, meaning you get a better deal!

You’ll also find that customers in the evening/night do not expect a call back instantly. It’s quite acceptable to call back the next day and customers will be happy to hear from you then, the good new is you get cheaper leads without comprimising contact rates.

2) Snap up some weekend leads, lowering cost.

Do you have advisers available at the weekends? Customers who are actively searching for mortgage advice at weekends, can be more responsive to a longer call to discuss their requirements. This due to less work comittments so they have more time to talk and are normally home.

Like evening leads, again clients filling in an enquiry on a Sunday for example, don’t expect to get a call back until Monday. So here you are gaining cheaper leads ready to call first thing on Monday, having a pipeline to start the week. Give them a try and see how your contact rates compare, you could snap up some real bargains!

3) Turn up your product options

Are you only purchase remortgage leads? Try buying adverse remortgages to, they tend to be cheaper. Adverse remortgages also offer greater options to earn more income, so impoving your ROI.

Are you just bidding on 1 mortgage lead type? You could be speaking to more customers and getting leads at a lower cost if you open up your account to receive first-time buyers, purchase, or adverse other leads. These types of leads are more widely avaiable so it cost the cost by more than 50% compared to remortgages.

Speak to your account manager today and they’ll be happy to help review your account.

4) Bidding in just your immediate area?

Have you considered gaining new business in a larger area? The more postcode areas you bid on the lower your lead costs could get. When bidding in selected areas you will need to increase your bid to get more leads due to demand. If you try expending your reach, you should see the cost per lead reduce. Even more you’ll be more open to receive your lead volumes that your business requires.

For more information on lower lead prices and how to set these up on your account, request a call back today and lets start getting you more leads at a cheaper rate.

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