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Mortgage intermediaries integral to growth

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Mortgage intermediaries integral to growth


Mortgage intermediaries can be seen as one of the major factors of a 48% rise in mortgage lending, according to a spokesperson for Barclays.

“We’ve seen intermediaries as integral to our retention activity,” said Andy Gray, managing director of mortgages at Barclays.

“We look to reward existing Barclays bank customers with a better deal and it doesn’t matter whether that person comes through a Barclays branch or an intermediary. Our existing loyalty scheme means that our customers with a certain turnover in their current account have their application fee at zero or reduced by 50%.

“In terms of retention, we are clear that we see an important role for our intermediary partners in retention. We see it as a partnership and you can see that in how our book has grown over the market in the last few years.”


You can see the full interview with Mortgage Solutions here.

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