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Simply Online Leads Reveal All!

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Simply Online Leads Reveal All!


Simply Online Leads have announced that they are to reveal sources as from today (20th February) highlighting to brokers where their consumer enquiries have originated from.

“Ensuring that your customers have full confidence in your company and products is the key to a successful and sustainable business”, says Dean Jones, Managing Director of Simply Online Leads, one of the UKs primary lead-generation platforms.

“Brokers will be able to see exactly where their leads have come from and which partner generated the enquiry,  not only confirming that they have come from a reliable and trusted source but also giving them insight into the process that has brought the customer to them.

We now work with a number of branded partners including property and price comparison websites so we are confident of the journeys taken by consumers who are looking for advice.”

By enhancing their current communication methods, the lead generation business is now offering a fully transparent service, creating not only a more trusted relationship with the broker, but giving them the opportunity for higher conversion rates.

Consumers will also benefit from these changes – following each enquiry, customers will receive a fully branded email, with a personalised message and full broker details, making them aware of exactly who will be calling them and when.  Confirming the journey that they have just taken will give the consumer extra confidence that they are not being targeted by cold callers.

Dean Jones added:  “At Simply Online Leads we believe in keeping things clear and simple.  We work closely with a number of trusted partners and are constantly looking at ways to adapt our services to enhance the enquiry for both consumers and brokers alike.
We know that by making our quality lead sources completely transparent – along with our flexible refund policy – brokers will be given total confidence in our business.”

Over the last 12 months Simply Online Leads has made some significant changes to their business including upgrading of systemsand enhancing data security through encrypted lead delivery, in addition to leads being generated through their own price comparison site

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