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Why work with us?

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Why work with us?

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The benefits of working with Simply Online Leads

You may be new to lead generation or a seasoned professional when it comes to buying leads. Here at Simply Online Leads we have years of experience in the lead gen game.

We have a flexible and easy system that you can purchase leads from, we are always looking to deliver the best possible leads to our brokers – but why are we a cut above the rest?

Competitive prices

All of our leads are competitively priced as our pricing structure changes with the market. Therefore, it’s worthwhile keeping in touch with your account manager to remain on the most competitive rates. Our prices are recommended to ensure you get your volume requirements – because we work on a bidding system you can up your bid for each product at any time. Our pricing structure is split into National and Local prices – we recommend going National if you can as these leads are cheaper!

Another benefit is that you can pick up cheaper leads on weekends when other brokers have switched off – it’s always worth asking your account manager if they can give you a good deal!

Managed accounts

With Simply Online Leads you will receive a fully managed account. Alongside this an account manager will be appointed to you, to keep in touch with any deals, pricing changes or recommendations they may have. They work alongside you to help improve ROI and generate new business. Your account manager will be your first point of call as they will make any changes you want on your account. Change your coverage, daily capacity, products, bid price and timers at any time by calling into us. Our accounts are managed this way to ensure changes are made correctly and are authorised by the account holder, to provide ease to our broker base – we do the admin work so you don’t need to!

No upfront fees

Unlike some lead providers, we don’t require a subscription fee. With So Leads you pay for your leads as you receive them. There is also no cancellation or account closure fee, and no minimum time period that you’re tied in to. So you spend as much as you like with us, for as long as you like.


At Simply Online Leads we never sell a lead twice. Every lead you get is exclusive to you. Gain access to our real-time leads, meaning you will receive the customer’s information as soon as they submit it.

Lead quality

Our account managers will work with you to ensure a consistent quality. They will ask for regular MI feedback and contact/conversion rates. If there is any avenue of supply that is not satisfactory to you, our affiliate manager will use this MI to collate those suppliers to ensure improvements.

GDPR compliant leads

Since the 25th May all of our leads are GDPR compliant. All our partners are also compliant, and have been vetted with signed declarations from all partners. Here we run our own campaigns and have long standing relationships over 10 years with our best suppliers. Our landing pages have also changed since GDPR, with customers now having to manually opt in that they confirm they will be contacted by an FCA approved advisor.

If you would like more information on how we work, or to make any changes to your current account then contact the team on 01244 950 311.

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