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SO Leads releases upgrade to buying platform

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SO Leads releases upgrade to buying platform


The New Year has brought lots of opportunities for SO Leads, one of the primary lead-trading platforms within the UK.

The company has recently relocated to new premises as the business expands and has introduced some exciting changes to their lead buying platform.

The first change that has been implemented on is an up-to-the-minute, easy-to-use account management system, allowing brokers to view their information online on one easy to use page.

– Other features and benefits of the system include:

– Creating new product bids and add funds

– Viewing low funds by product line

– Activating or pausing an account individually or globally

– Changing bids and postcodes by individual product

– Reporting on lead flow and average prices for previous 30 days

– Monitoring top bids and adjusting accordingly

Alongside the account management page, a new auto-payments system has also been introduced making life much easier for those purchasing leads.  Brokers can subscribe to enable an automatic update of low-fund accounts Рwith no additional transaction fees Рin order to continue receiving high quality leads, with the reassurance that it will all be managed safely and securely online.

For more information about any of the recent changes at SO Leads or for any brokers that are interested in purchasing leads, you can speak to one of our dedicated Account Managers on 01244 950311 or email

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